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Office: (410) 304-3109
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129-A Roesler, Glen Burnie, MD 21060
Office: (410) 304-3109
Cell: (410) 210-5939
129-A Roesler, Glen Burnie, MD 21060
Office: (410) 304-3109
Cell: (410) 210-5939
129-A Roesler, Glen Burnie, MD 21060
How We Do It - Fox Auto Services

Get to know the process

The technical complexities of today’s vehicles make it more critical than ever to choose a body shop wisely. We take pride in our highly trained technicians who use the latest tools and equipment to deliver top-quality repair and provide the very best in customer service.

Make the first steps

Don’t waste your time, get to know the process in every detail

Step 1: Estimate

If you’ve been in an accident, or your vehicle has damage that needs to be repaired, first contact the responsible insurance company to establish your claim. Then, simply contact Collison King to schedule an estimate appointment. Once you come in for your estimate, our team assesses the damage and completes a free estimate of the repair costs.

After the estimate, if your vehicle is driveable, you leave it in your vehicle with an estimate and a date for you to drop off your vehicle at our body shop (drop date). During the time between your estimated appointment and the drop date, we order parts and make sure everything is in place to expedite the repair process once you drop off your vehicle.

If your vehicle is not driveable, you may drive off in a rental vehicle if you qualify. If you have rental coverage, we do have Enterprise on-site. For those without rental coverage, we also have courtesy vehicles. Visit our loaner cars page to learn more.

Step 2: Vehicle Drop Off

Deliver your vehicle to Collision King on your assigned drop date so we can begin the auto body repair process. Please remove all valuables from the vehicle before you leave it with us.

There are loaner cars available for you to drive if you need a transportation methods while your vehicle is being repaired. Loaner cars are typically booked days in advance, and you must meet certain requirements to qualify for a loaner car. Visit our loaner cars page to learn more.

Step 3: Body Repair

Once we receive your vehicle for repairs, we begin by investigating any additional damage that may be hidden. If we discover additional damage, we will notify both the insurance company and the customer.

We then remove all parts requiring separate repair or replacement. Next, our certified technicians perform all necessary body and structural repair work. Meanwhile, all repair work undergoes a rigorous quality control inspection.

Step 4: Painting and polishing

After the bodywork is complete, your vehicle begins the painting and polishing process. First, our expert painters utilize the Sherwin Williams color matching technology to find the exact color match based on manufacturer codes. We then apply fresh paint with the spray bake downdraft paint process, the gold standard process for our industry. Your vehicle is then polished and prepared for reassembly before entering another quality control checkpoint.

Step 5: Reassembly

After painting and polishing, your vehicle returns to the body shop where it is reassembled with lamps, air conditioning, grills, doors, and other parts involved in your repair order. Any mechanical issues are addressed, and we ensure your vehicle’s alignment is where it needs to be. We also address any damage that was done to the tires and wheels.

At this point, everything from the inside out has been reviewed and repaired. Once assembled, your vehicle enters another quality control check to ensure all authorized repair work was completed and the parts were assembled correctly.

Step 6: Vehicle Cleaning

A trip to Collision King isn’t complete until we treat your vehicle to a detailed wash and vacuum. This final step ensures your vehicle looks pristine upon pick up and allows us to check cosmetic repairs one last time.

Step 7: Quality Assurance

The safety and complete satisfaction of our customers is Collision King’s top priority. Our final quality check assurance checkpoint ensures that all the work was completed and your vehicle has returned to its pre-loss condition. We double down on this commitment with our written lifetime warranty on all paint and labor we perform.

Step 8: Vehicle Ready

As soon as your repair is complete, our team will contact you and invite you in for the final inspection and paperwork. Your service advisor will review the vehicle and repairs with you before completing the final documentation and handing back your keys. If you were issued a loaner vehicle, you’ll turn that in at this point. Finally, you’ll drive away knowing that your vehicle is repaired and looking great again!

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